For The Love of Food

Dating back to the Greek Empire, food and dining as a group has been viewed as a way of enjoying company and conviviality. This trend of embracing the experience and not just the cuisine continued throughout the Roman era, where convivium (Roman dinner party) became a pillar of everyday life. Despite society having come a long way since then, not much has changed with regards to this practice. As per Professor Ayelet Fishbach’s 2016 study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, colleagues who ate similar food together experienced higher rates of closeness and trust, as compared to those who ate alone. She wrote in the study, “People tend to think that they use logic to make decisions, and they are largely unaware that food preferences can influence their thinking...

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FIIT POE Featured on CR80 News

On CR80 News 8 December, 2017, by: Andrew Hudson For most students at most universities, visiting the dining hall is part of the daily routine. And accessing dining services follows a fairly standard formula across the board: walk in the door, wait in line, swipe or tap your ID card at the POS, and walk in. That’s not the case at Fremont, Nebraska’s Midland University, though, where campus administrators and food-service partner Fresh Ideas decided on a different dining hall experience. Midland deployed Lucova’s FIIT POE registers, used within the new SaaS platform solution, in the fall of 2016 and launched the accompanying mobile app at the beginning of spring 2017 semester, and the results have been seismic for the small university. Read the rest of the article here:


Five Food Trends in Campus Dining

Life on campus - and modern life in general - moves fast and changes quickly. In an effort to help you stay on top of it all, we're here with five trends that are “in” and they’re making their way into the campus dining space. Vegan & Vegetarian Options Universities and Colleges are realizing that some students have certain dietary restrictions and that they’re growing in number, quite rapidly. The reasons for avoiding dairy, meat, fish or other animal byproducts could vary from religious reasons, environmental reasons, health consciousness or simply personal preferences. As this group continues to grow, campus dining directors and food service companies are expanding their options to satisfy everyone on campus. Yes, Tofu is here to stay. Gluten-Free Options More campuses are now providing Gluten-Free menu items and this means...

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Becoming a Millenial Friendly Service

A number of campus food service providers have been under pressure from students to change their operations. Some students are looking for better menu items, others are asking for higher quality ingredients or for items to be made in-house from scratch. Food service providers and university/college administrators have become much more conscious of these demands and are starting to respond. This article is written to help with that response and to prevent these critiques in the first place by making food service millennial friendly. Give More If you offer something of value millennials will stick around but they will want to be rewarded for their loyalty. From Air Miles, rebate credit cards, to traditional punch cards, millennials expect to get something back for their patronage. Not only do these freebies provide them with...