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The FIIT Point of sale Experience

FIIT Point of Experience makes your dining brand addictive by humanizing transactions; transforming a point of sale into a personalized point of experience.

Transform the dining experience you offer

Offer more than just food service; offer a dining experience like no other. An experience that doesn’t feel like one long line of faceless transactions is one that students – and your clients – will remember.

Empower your staff with customer recognition

Staff is empowered with the student’s profile and preferences and can greet the student by name.

Create a home away from home

Foster satisfaction and retention by engaging students digitally and personally where they are every day: the campus dining hall.

Hi Mike ! Your usual soy latte?

Behind every transaction is a person. Get to know them.

Areas of our brain light up when we hear own name. That feeling of being known connects us like no other. That’s why we believe a great experience can start with something as simple as greeting a person by name.

Features that enable the experience

We provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for campus dining that empowers your dining service to stand out in the crowd. So much more than just a POS, FIIT POE gives you the features students and clients will love you for.

Welcome back, Sarah ! We’d love to offer you a free burger today!

+ - Point of Sale unit

Flexible and fast, our Point of Sale unit is comprised of Microsoft Surface Pro, thermal printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, and the Lucova Bluetooth USB device.

+ - Customer Recognition

Staff is empowered with the customer’s profile and preferences and can greet the customer by name.

+ - Real-time Reports

FIIT POE provides you with real-time reports so that you can view important metrics with insights on student purchasing behavior, allowing you to make effective business decisions.

+ - White-label Mobile App

Build brand loyalty with your customers with our white labelled mobile app. The app is customized with your logo, your colours, your brand feel.

+ - Mobile Order Capabilities

Customers place their order, choose a preferred pick-up time and pay in the app. No waiting in line required.

+ - Digital Meal Card

Allow students to check their meal plan balance and see what’s on the menu, right in the app

+ - Meal Plan Management

We give students the power to check their meal plan balance and add funds directly in the app.

+ - Digital Menu

Create or easily import and maintain your menu from anywhere

+ - Hands Free Payments

With our hands-free payment solution, customers never have to search for their wallet or phone to pay for a meal

+ - In-App Feedback

Students can chat directly with dining or administration staff in the app. In-app feedback is the perfect, direct communication platform for students to reach out when they need to.

+ - Instant Experience Rating

Once a dining or mobile order transaction is complete, students are asked for their feedback immediately, not weeks later in an offline survey.

We believe that small, everyday moments have
the power to create strong communities and build meaning in people’s lives.

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