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How to Use FIIT Data to Grow Your Dining Business

The FIIT Point of Experience is a groundbreaking solution that takes your dining experience to a new level by making it more personal for your customers. We provide you with actionable data you can use to help your business succeed. With access to these powerful reports, you can see the growth of your business and potential warning signs, and take action immediately. With FIIT data, you can identify customer behaviour and make changes that can help boost retention rates through personal and engaging experiences provided by your dining staff. We give you that power.

To illustrate the power of the FIIT POE data, here are 3 reports full of valuable data and insights.

How many cookies will you need at 10pm?

The Patron Count report breaks the operational hours into 15 minute intervals to easily analyze transactions. Smaller time units makes it easy to evaluate increased traffic times since many students can arrive within a small window of time. The report will show you how many orders are purchased during each 15 minute interval of the day.

Seeing the busiest order times throughout the day is a powerful tool for scheduling staff and stocking inventory accordingly. At the bottom of the report, you can see the total number of transactions for each day and this data is visible by the staff. From here, they can see the weekly traffic flow, as well as determine any patterns in student ordering and dining behaviour. This report summarizes all the transactions to provide actionable data for our users.

During exam time, students tend to stay up late studying, sometimes in groups. This short window of time can still drive a large amount of traffic, which means your staff has to be ready to offer smooth and speedy service. Seeing these trends in your data allows you to ensure that you have proper staffing to accommodate the traffic of hungry, stressed out students, while also planning for adequate inventory to guarantee no one runs out of cookies during a study break.


Which of my locations are in decline?

The Sales Report focuses on the operational and marketing side of the business. It breaks down all transactions by location (dining outlet), service periods, and the individual POS unit that completed each transaction. The report also shows the total collected for all the tender types for each POS, and how many times the tender type was used along with the total spent for each tender, including meal plan, credit, debit, and DCB (Declining Cash Balance).

With a goal of all locations and units prospering equally, this report provides you with visibility and insight into how much money each location is generating. It helps identify the dining locations that are prospering, and those that might be declining. With this information you can determine what actions could be taken to engage customers and boost sales. This is especially helpful if you want to create a  targeted marketing program for patrons who aren’t visiting declining locations.


How do I know which meal plan is performing best?

The Meal Plan Usage report shows how many times a specific meal plan was used across each service period. It also provides a total for meal plan usage and how many unique patrons used each one. This data is also shown in a visual way with two separate graphs: Meal Plan Percentages by Number of Uses, and Meal Plan Percentages by Number of Unique Patrons.

Let’s say it’s finals time, and students are using their meal plan during the afternoons, evenings, and nights when they are studying. It is important to anticipate high traffic and schedule the appropriate amount of staff and fresh inventory to ensure a positive dining experience. You can also try to balance the schedule by incentivizing a certain meal plan during lighter service periods.

The report also provides you with a view into which meal plans are the most used; this can help you identify reasons why a particular plan is more popular. The most used meal plan could be the most useful for students, or perhaps it provides the most value. With this insight you can make relevant changes to the least used meal plans to capitalize sales opportunities or every service period.

The power of FIIT POE data

With the data that is available to you through our FIIT POE solution, you have the ability to shape the future of your dining business, and improve the experience for your customers. Viewing FIIT data on your daily sales, location revenue, how often certain items were purchased, what kind of meal plans customers have, and how often they are used, gives you insight on whether your business is reaching its goals, and what you can do to improve customer loyalty.

Our innovative customer recognition tool empowers your staff to provide an engaging, positive  experience for your customers, while the reports give you insight on how their dining experience is impacting your traffic, sales, and even retention rate. As customers, we all want to feel valued by a business and its employees, that’s why we keep coming back to those that provide a positive experience. With FIIT POE, we want to provide you with technology and data to make your business a success.

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