Midland University Campus Dining Case Study

Case Study:

Midland University Dining Improves Student Engagement and Operations

Lucova’s FIIT Point-of-Experience™ platform was the optimal solution for creating an exceptional dining experience for each student at Midland.

FIIT POE is an all-in-one dining Point-of-Sale solution that includes technology that drives student engagement, improves operations and provides a higher level of customer service.

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A few reasons why we’re the right FIIT

Student Engagement

Today’s university students not only want technology enhancing every aspect of their lives; they expect it. Boost enrollment and retention by truly engaging students digitally and personally where they are every day: the campus dining hall.

Mobile Orders

With a hectic study and class schedule, meals can get missed. With mobile order, students place their order, choose a preferred pick-up time and pay in the app. No waiting in line or running to class required.

Digital Meal Card

Plastic meal cards get lost. Students never know their meal plan balance. Your school's time and resources are wasted just answering questions and replacing cards. Give students the power to manage their meal plan balance right in the app.


Lucova's responsiveness, flexibility, and customer service has proved to us that we've found a true partner in providing our customers with the best dining experience possible.

Amy Lunn headshot
Amy Lunn Director of Marketing, Creative Dining

The FIIT POE solution is one of a kind in the industry and truly gets how to improve the dining experience for our students.

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Matt Clervi CEO, Fresh Ideas

Our Clients

We help our clients not only grow their customer base, but also increase the happiness and satisfaction of the customers that come through their doors each day.

When brands recognize that behind every transaction is a person, they can transform routine transactions into experiences worth remembering. We believe a great experience can start with something as simple as greeting a person by name.

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