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Rise Above the Competition

Provide an unbeatable experience that will keep customers coming back

Give Students What They want

They live in a mobile world, your service should too

Integrate, Don’t Reinvent

Your meal plans – Seamlessly integrated with a custom branded mobile app and robust POS

Above the

For providers of food service, the competition is stiff and the stakes are high. We enable you to provide service that is unbeatable in the market. By giving students the feeling of being recognized in the dining hall they visit every day, you give them a brand experience that is addictive and unbeatable.

Transform the dining experience you offer

Empower staff with customer recognition

Provide instant in-app communication

Create a home away from home

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Give Students
What They Want

Today’s university students don’t remember a world without Google. They not only want technology interwoven in every aspect of their lives; they expect it. When they dine on campus or pick up fast food on their way to class, give them the ultimate digital dining experience.

Mobile Order

In-App Menu

Pay with a Selfie

Instant Feedback

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Your Meal Plans

Why try to manage multiple platforms and providers when your existing meal plans can be fully integrated and managed in one place? Your meal plans, your custom-branded app and a robust digital dining POS. FIIT POE brings it all together in one winning recipe for success.

Meal plan management

Manage from anywhere, anytime

In-App meal plan balance for students

Fully integrated digital dining POS

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Make your campus
dining addictive by humanizing
in-person transactions

Our Mission

The Lucova Difference

We believe that small, everyday moments have the power to create strong communities and build meaning in people’s lives.

A student’s days are often filled with rush, stress and feeling like a number amongst thousands. Even the simple act of eating a meal has turned into a busy lineup and hurry to grab a seat.

Imagine, instead, a student being welcomed and greeted by name. The feeling of being known and of belonging can be the difference between happiness and disconnection, satisfaction and dropping out. 

Behind every transaction is a person. Get to know them.

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A few more reasons why we’re the right FIIT

Need more convincing? Here are some of the great features that you, your clients and students are going to love!

Mobile Order

Customers easily place their order, choose a preferred pick-up time and pay in the app

Hands-Free Pay

Your customers will never have to search for their wallet or phone. They simply indicate that they will be paying hands free.

Meal Plan Balance

Empower students with a meal card that never gets lost and a meal plan balance they can see and manage.


Data collected through your app relating to user profiles and behaviours are presented with point-of-sale data in one place.

Menu Management

Create, or easily import, and maintain your menu from anywhere.

In-App Feedback

Students can chat directly with dining or administration staff in the app in real-time.

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Life on campus - and modern life in general - moves fast and changes quickly. In an effort to help you stay on top of it all, we're here with five trends that are “in” and they’re making their way into the campus dining space. Vegan & Vegetarian Options Universities and Colleges are realizing that some students have certain dietary restrictions and that they’re growing in number, quite rapidly.

Lucova's responsiveness, flexibility, and customer service has proved to us that we've found a true partner in providing our customers with the best dining experience possible.

Amy Lunn headshot
Amy Lunn Director of Marketing, Creative Dining

The FIIT POE solution is one of a kind in the industry and truly gets how to improve the dining experience for our students.

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Matt Clervi CEO, Fresh Ideas

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